Conflict is inevitable. War is not.

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Global Projects


Beyond War hosted a luncheon and discussion with the worldwide UNESCO Chairs at University of Oregon. We received feedback about the core principles of Beyond War and on the BW DVD. Currently, Beyond War Northwest has a community board member sitting on the UNESCO board at the U of O and the two organizations have collaborated with Sr. Helen Prejean to move the discussion from resisting the death penalty and policies of violence within our country to include resisting policies that support international violence. The core strategy continues through engaging people through stories, dialogue, and education. Locally, UNESCO has just embarked on a collaboration with Peter Laufer in the University of Oregon Journalism Department to develop journalists who engage in conflict-sensitive journalism.


The Churchill International High School Beyond War is working to spread a message of peace on both a local and global scale. In classes the students have learned in depth about the issues of the world today and are now inspired to do something about them. The club’s first project is a mural in the courtyard of the school which will be painted with the help of Esteban Camacho Steffensen, an Eco Muralist. It is the club’s hope that the mural will encourage students to see that we are all interconnected, to start conversation about how to move the world beyond war and to attract students to the new club.


We actively support and assist the Jubitz Family Foundation’s War Prevention Initiative. Their mission is to advance the global peace system by supporting, developing and collaborating with peacebuilding efforts in all sectors of society. Through the extensive club network of Rotary International, we envision a world beyond war by 2030 with humanity united by a global system of peace with justice.


We are also actively supporting and assisting the global effort to end war that is being started by the group World Beyond War.


We in Eugene, Oregon are active participants in the International Cities of Peace initiative that fosters the safety, prosperity and quality of life of communities everywhere.

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