Conflict is inevitable. War is not.

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The Vision:

A thriving, just, fulfilling, sustainable world that works for all – a world beyond war.

The Mission: 

To explore, model and promote the MEANS for humanity to live beyond war.

The Work:

To build a grass roots presence of people – everyday peacebuilders everywhere – who are congruent with the Beyond War principles.

In the past few decades, the common challenges faced by humanity have changed completely.

  • Never before in history has war contained the potential for planetary destruction. All war has become civil war.
  • Never before have we been so conscious that we all breathe the same air and drink the same water.
  • My security depends on yours and yours on mine.

Old ways of thinking, “us and them” thinking, are completely inadequate to new realities. War has become obsolete. Our species must learn to think and act in a new way. Even if we live in different nations or adhere to different beliefs, we all share the same planet and a common future. Our fates are interdependent with each other and the living system that supports us.

What Nations Can Do Instead of War

Instead of bombs and threats of war, nations can act decisively and effectively to build a world in which conflicts are resolved nonviolently by emphasizing four types of actions:

  • Use nonviolent conflict resolution processes, such as diplomacy and practices like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa.
  • Contribute appropriate foreign aid to build friendships¬†with people in poorer nations, through organizations like the Peace Corps, Heifer International, The Central Asia Project.
  • Support international law, as in signing the Antiballistic Missile Treaty and participating in the International Criminal Court.
  • Cooperate with other nations. Greater support for the United Nations, and for international efforts like the eradication of polio, smallpox and AIDS.