Conflict is inevitable. War is not.

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 Board of Directors:


Anne O'Brien photo

– Anne O’Brien, president

Anne dreamed of how to end wars when she was 8 and never sent her solution to President Truman.  She forgot what that solution was but thinks it comes in living out the principles of non violence, remembering the words of  Gene Knudsen-Hoffman : An enemy is one whose story we have not heard…”


Dave O'Brien

– Dave O’Brien, treasurer

As an ex-USAF intelligence officer (1968-73), Dave had always thought of himself as half warrior and half peacemaker.  Being introduced to Beyond War principals and ideas changed his life.  It requires study, reflection, and exposure to new ways of thinking to realize that war is not inevitable—-it is always a choice.  In fact, it is a choice that from now on we should always reject.

Martin Jones photo

 – Martin Jones

Martin Jones, MD is an internist in active practice in Eugene, Oregon.  He is a former President of the Lane County Medical Society and has been active in social justice, peace and health issues for many years. He has been honored as Oregon Physician Citizen of the Year. He was instrumental in restarting Beyond War in 2002 and in creating the DVD “Building a World Beyond War: A Roadmap for Citizens.” He is an active member of the Lane County Outreach Committee.

Jim Anderson photo

– Jim Anderson

After completing a master’s degree in economics, Jim spent two years working in agricultural development in Iran. The remainder of his working life was spent in the vegetable seed business developing new cultivars and taking care of customers in the Northwest. He feels excited by the Beyond War vision that we can find new ways to reconcile conflicts without resorting to the tragedy of violence or war.

Ann Cole photo

– Ann Cole

Ann Cole, MA LPC – former President of the BWNW Board of Directors. As a key participant of Beyond War since 2003, Ann helped lead strategic planning, organized the family Beyond War group, and facilitated the Eugene Outreach Committee meetings at her home through 2011.  In the meantime, she took a yearlong nonprofit management course at Lane Community College and served as President of Tamarack Wellness Center. She provided much of the energy, determination and vision for the rebirth of Beyond War as Beyond War Northwest. She looks forward to working with our group and others creatively and collaboratively to continue producing and disseminating excellent educational materials that engage people in dialogue and help each person find his or her passion in contributing to building a world that resolves conflicts nonviolently, where war is obsolete.


– Rebecca Wolle

Rebecca’s interest in finding peaceful solutions to conflict began when growing up with two brothers, both of whom were more fierce (usually) and armed with quicker wits. This is her first foray, other than marching and signing petitions, into a more formal process.




– Kara Steffensen, Executive Director

Kara grew up in Springfield and studied Spanish and International Studies at the University of Oregon. Her lifelong interest in creating  a more peaceful world began in her childhood. It was sparked by the tensions of growing up between two brothers during the era of the Vietnam War, as well as from early experiences of meeting local leaders, such as Senator Wayne Morse. In the 1980s, Kara moved to Costa Rica, where she lived and worked for various environmental organizations for over a decade. She traveled throughout Central America during that period and witnessed the destructive impact of the region’s civil wars and U.S. interventions. She has been active in peacework in Eugene since 2003, when she helped to create a neighborhood based peace group in Eugene, Friendly Neighbors for Peace. She has been collaborating with other local peace and justice organizations ever since. Kara also works as a Spanish/English interpreter in Eugene and serves on the steering committee of the Amazon Neighbors Association. She is married with two sons, who are also active in peace and justice work in their respective communities.

Board Nominating Committee (people who ensure that Beyond War Northwest Board members maintain the integrity of Beyond War Northwest’s principles and mission):

– Dorothy Sampson

– Gayle Landt

– Dave O’Brien

– Martin Jones

– Annette Rose

– Mike Rose

– Anne Millhollen