Conflict is inevitable. War is not.

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Beyond War invites people to become everyday peacebuilders everywhere—in other words, to begin to actually live beyond war. It is important to do this in relationship with others, because learning how peacebuilding works on the personal level, in our families, at work, in local civic interchange, enlarges our confidence that it will work on the national and international level.

A good way to begin is to form a study group. People often start by inviting 8 or 10 friends to their living room, playing our introductory DVD, and having a discussion afterward. Then they can go on to use our book, which has questions for discussion at the end of each chapter, to explore the ideas of Beyond War in more depth. This can usually be done in as few as 4 two-hour sessions. As further guidance we offer a free curriculum based on the book.

This website supplies free resources to enrich such discussion. We have been reviewing books and films for several years, some of which we view as potentially transformative. We list these and other media in our list of resources and invite suggestions for others. Working together, we can build a world beyond war.